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Huda Kattan Profile
October 2, 1983

Huda Kattan (born on October 2, 1983) is one of the most influential names in the beauty industry. An American makeup artist, beauty blogger and entrepreneur, her cosmetics line Huda Beauty has become a global phenomenon. With more than 41 million followers on Instagram alone, Kattan’s reach is unparalleled in today’s digital world. From humble beginnings as a freelance makeup artist to growing her brand into an international business, Huda Kattan has quickly established herself as an icon of modern-day beauty.

Kattan began her journey as a self-taught makeup artist before launching her blog Huda Beauty in 2010. The blog was an instant success and helped grow her audience by millions. In 2014 she released the now iconic False Lashes collection followed by the Liquid Mattes lipsticks which had customers queuing up outside stores worldwide!

Career: From Makeup Artist to Beauty Blogger

When it comes to beauty careers, few have achieved the level of success that American makeup artist and entrepreneur Huda Kattan has. Starting her career as a makeup artist, she quickly rose to fame with her popular beauty blog, which now boasts millions of followers around the world. From there, she's gone on to become an internationally recognized name in the beauty industry.

Kattan is best known for creating her own makeup line, Huda Beauty. The collection features everything from eyeshadows and false lashes to highlighters and lipsticks – all designed by Kattan herself using innovative techniques that have earned her multiple awards and nominations in the beauty world. She also regularly posts tutorials on YouTube teaching fans how they can recreate her signature looks.

Rise to Fame

Huda Kattan has experienced a stupendous rise to fame through her Instagram success. She is most well-known for her work as a makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry. Her journey started from humble beginnings with postings of her own makeup looks on various social media platforms, but she truly skyrocketed to success when she followed that up by creating her own cosmetics line called Huda Beauty.

Her Instagram profile has now grown to become one of the most popular accounts in the world, with over 44 million followers! What sets Huda apart is not only her impeccable taste in makeup but also the relatability of her brand. She provides tutorials that are easy enough for anyone to follow along and recreate at home.

Business Ventures

Huda Kattan has revolutionized the business of cosmetics. She is the founder and CEO of Huda Beauty, a leading global brand in beauty products. From false lashes to lipsticks and eyeshadows, Huda's innovative products have captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Starting with her humble beginnings as a beauty blogger in 2010, Huda has come a long way. Her creativity and passion for making women look beautiful enabled her to build an empire that dominates the cosmetics industry today. She released her first line of false lashes which quickly became popular among celebrities and influencers alike. The success of this one product enabled her to expand into other categories such as skin care, eye-shadow palettes, lipsticks, and more.


The beauty industry has been under scrutiny recently due to the controversy surrounding cultural appropriation. Huda Kattan, an American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur, is at the center of this debate. Critics allege that Kattan's line of products and makeup tutorials often incorporate elements from cultures outside her own without proper acknowledgment or credit. Many have argued that these instances are disrespectful as they fail to honor and give credit to the source of inspiration.

Kattan has faced backlash from various sources regarding her lack of respect for other cultures, both online and in person. She has been accused of profiting off the ideas or styles from other cultures without giving anything back in return. Supporters of Kattan argue that she is not purposely attempting to appropriate culture; instead she is simply using these influences within her work as inspiration and creativity for her own brand.

Philanthropic Work

Philanthropic Work has been a major part of Huda Kattan's life as an American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur. This successful businesswoman is no stranger to giving back to the community and making positive changes in the world. She believes that through charity work we can all make a difference in people’s lives and create a more unified global community.

Kattan has partnered with many charitable organizations throughout her career and works hard to spread awareness about important causes around the world. She is highly committed to philanthropy and encourages others to join her in striving for social justice and equality. Her biggest goal is to inspire people everywhere by showing them what it looks like when one person makes a real impact on society as a whole.


In conclusion, Huda Kattan’s success story serves as an inspiration to many women around the world. She continues to be a beacon of hope for those striving for equality in the beauty industry and beyond. Through her products, campaigns, social media presence, and philanthropic efforts she is making sure that women everywhere have access to resources that will help them reach their full potential and succeed in their lives - no matter where they come from or what their background is.

Full NameHuda Kattan
Date of BirthOctober 2, 1983
Age Years
NationalityAmerican, Iraqi
BirthplaceOklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Home TownOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Educational Qualification-
College/ UniversityUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn
Zodiac SignLibra ♎
ProfessionMakeup artist, Beauty blogger, entrepreneur
Physical Stats
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight56 kg (123 lbs)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
HobbiesShopping, Traveling
Family & Relationship
Marital StatusMarried
FatherIbrahim Kattan
MotherSusu Al Qazzaz
Spouse (Wife/ Husband)Christopher Goncalo (m.2009)
Daughter(s)Nour Gisele
Sister(s)Mona, Alya
ProfessionMakeup artist, Beauty blogger, entrepreneur
Net Worth$560 Million
Famous forAmerican makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur
Awards/ Honours-

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